When my husband and I were in a car accident and we were in pain with neck and back pain all the time.  We were referred to Dr. Sabeti.  In just a few short months of treatment we both have made a good recovery back to a normal life style.  Thank you for your wonder help, time spent with us, and your services you have provided us with.  You and your staff have been excellent, uplifting, and very pleasing.

Sarah and James W. , Lake Elsinore

I had been in a car accident and I felt so bad.  I was all messed up and thought there was no hope for healing my spine.  I have to admit I was scared when I came to my first appointment with Dr. Sabeti.  But, Dr. Sabeti and the staff at Better Health & Wellness Center made me feel welcomed and comfortable.  Thanks to her, the pain is gone and I feel like myself again.  Dr. Sabeti, you are awesome!

Doreen M., San Juan Capistrano

I had been in a car accident.  I had neck stiffness, back tension, and my whole spine felt like it had been shabled and warped!  The day I met Dr. Sabeti, and had my first Chiropractic treatment, I felt like the pain was never going away.  But, I was wrong.  After the first week of treatments, I felt the magic that I was provided with every single time that I came for my appointments with her.  All my pain is now gone.  I would recommend Dr. Fara Sabeti to anyone who has pain and discomfort that I used to have.  She and all her staff at Better health & Wellness Center are wonderful!

Mark F., San Juan Capistrano

I suffered with Migraines for over 29 years of my life. Every single doctor I saw would put me on different drugs and pain killers.  I was having up to 3 migraines a week and was running to the ER for pain injections every month! THEN… I met Dr. Sabeti. Within 3 weeks of drug-free treatment, I was only having ONE migraine a month!  It has now been 5 months with no migraines and no ER trips!  I owe it all to Dr. Sabeti.  She gave me my life back.

Marie W, Mission Viejo, CA

I was lumbering to the laundry room dragging one leg behind me while one shoulder was higher than the other, probably caused by the developing hump on my back. I sort of resembled Quasi Motto pulling the rope at the bell tower.

Then I heard about a doctor who practiced a whole body approach to health. I went, I saw, I practiced. I became a human being again. Some health professionals suggest that you exercise and then you go home and sit on the couch. Well, after Dr. Fara studied me, she provided the exercise equipment in order to teach the proper way to strengthen my muscles and then when I left the office, I felt renewed. These exercises are designed to energize when teamed with the whole body analysis that the doctor performed.

I’m not dragging this body around aimlessly anymore thanks to Dr. Fara. Thank you is just not enough to say when I feel so well, but thank you anyway.

Connie S, Lake Forest, CA

Because of a work related injury, I had a lot of trouble with my back and leg. I was having problems sitting and walking. I was taking 6-8 Vicodin a day. After about six months of unsuccessful treatment with another doctor I met Dr. Sabeti.

Dr. Sabeti had me walking without pain at all. She has worked wonders with my problems for the last four years. I could not have survived these last years without her treatments.

Craig P, Mission Viejo, CA

I came to Dr. Sabeti with a pain in my lower back and legs that I had learned to live with for a long time. I had never been to a Chiropractor before and was a little skeptical that it would work, but Dr. Sabeti diagnosed me, explained exactly what was wrong and how to treat it.

I was feeling better after the first treatment and must say today the pain is gone and I feel like a new man. I would recommend Dr. Sabeti, to anyone with some aches and pains that they had learned to live with, for a free evaluation and advice.

Mark M, Irvine, CA

First time I went to Dr. Sabeti’s clinic was to get treatment for pain in my neck, shoulder, and all the way to my lower back. I was caused by an auto accident I had on the freeway. I was having second thoughts about Chiropractic treatment, thinking it would just be a waste of time.

After a few weeks of treatment I started feeling a lot of difference. The pain was less and less. I started to have better posture and I felt I had more energy. The biggest bonus I got from my treatment from Dr. Sabeti was she was able to cure my insomnia.

I would recommend getting treatment from her.

Thanks a lot Dr. Fara! More power and God Bless!

Noel, Lake Forest, CA

Thank you so much for the gentle care and treatment you provided my family. You have completely changed my perception and understanding of post accident therapy.

I must admit I was a little leery when I walked into the office. My past experiences have only exposed me to unscrupulous clinics where the patients only sign the log, but receive mediocre treatment.

Your approach to patient care is very professional and compassionate. I like the fact that you followed a treatment plan and constantly examine your patients to check how they feel and what if any still hurts. You have made a believer out of me on Chiropractic treatment.

I think everyone should go in and have an alignment every so often. Compared to how I feel when I started the treatment I feel 100% better. My family feels the same way.

Thank you for a job well done.

Alfon, Lake Forest, CA

Dr. Fara has been a life saver. Through her help I have been relieved of the extreme lower back pain that I had for most of my adult life. The help she has given me allows me to be more active and has increased my energy level. Most of all she has been so caring to me and I will keep my weekly appointments forever.

I have also been helped by the massages that she offers. Friday will continue to be my day to take of myself.

Barbara H, Lake Forest, CA

I first came to see Dr. Fara Sabeti about two months ago. I could barely walk and was in such severe pain. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now, two months later, I am on the mend and we are working on fixing the problem. I have a new life that is pain free and I am beginning to feel like a new man.

Dr. Sabeti is not only the best Chiropractor I’ve known, beyond that, she is a very caring person whose extreme competency as a Chiropractor goes hand-in-hand with her compassion for her patients.

Philip B, Mission Viejo, CA

After our car accident, our lawyer referred us to Dr. Fara Sabeti. Shea was very welcoming and made my first time Chiropractic treatment experience fun. She listened to me and always focused on the spot that was the most painful. She was very consistent with follow-up and always took care of it.

Within two weeks my pain level went from a 9 to a 4. Within a month my pain was nearly gone.

To sum it up, Dr. Sabeti is an excellent Chiropractor that is hip and fun, but is very serious about making you feel better. She shows that she cares about you and makes you want to come back!

Tony R, Lake Forest, CA

Dr. Sabeti is an excellent Chiropractor!

She is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable at her office. The treatments helped out tremendously in relieving my neck and back pain from an auto accident. She is very funny, down-to-earth, and is good at what she does. She is able to make your body crack even when you think it is beyond cracking! Although some of the equipment is strange looking, they work to your benefit.

Tina R, Lake Forest, CA

Four months before I had an auto accident. I was in physical therapy with another doctor, but my pain was very bad in my back and I could not walk. I changed to Dr. Sabeti. Since I started treatment with her I began to feel better and better.

After a month I am feeling very good and getting better day by day, thanks to Dr. Sabeti. She is an angel to help me out of all my pain.

I give thanks to my lawyer for referring me.

Maria G, Lake Forest, CA

I was waiting at the red light when all of the sudden… crash! A car hit me from behind going 50mph. I had an auto accident. I felt pain whenever I tried to move my neck. I had a lot of pain in my neck, back, and really bad headaches. I thought the pain was going to go away in the next day or two, but it didn’t. I was told to go to the doctor, where I was referred to Dr. Sabeti.

I thought to myself this was going to be a similar experience that I had with a prior Chiropractor, where the assistant treated me and not the doctor. I was wrong. Dr. Sabeti always treated me. It was a doctor-patient therapy. I noticed that she really cares for her patients and all she wants is to help her patients get better and feel better.

Thanks to Dr. Sabeti, I feel so much better. She is a great Chiropractor. My headaches have gone away, I can move my neck again, and my back does not hurt anymore.

All this is thanks to Dr. Sabeti. She has made a difference in my life.

Lupe S, Corona, CA

The pain in my neck was so bad that I made my life a hell. Light, sound, even my kid was too much for my head. After a couple of visits to Dr. Sabeti it started getting better.

I must say the job Dr. Sabeti has done for me has been great. I recommend her services to any and all.

Robert E, Lake Forest, CA

I was Christmas shopping with the worst headache I have ever had. Dr. Sabeti checked me out and gave me immediate relief. My headache was gone! I was so amazed because the pain was so bad that I was to the point of vomiting. Ever since then I was sold.

Since I am in construction, I will be a customer for life. Thank God for you, for someone who really cares and is in the interest for MY best interest. It is rare.

You really are the best.

Glenn W, Laguna Hills, CA

Thank you, Dr. Sabeti, for making me feel normal again. Your hands are truly a gift! My back continues to improve as long as I continue to get my adjustments.

Richard R, Lake Forest, CA

I came to Dr. Fara Sabeti with headaches, back and neck pains every day. Thanks to her, my head does not hurt and my neck is feeling better.

It pleases me to see Dr. Fara happy that I am feeling better. She is a person that does her job to help people- not just for the money.

Magda C, Tustin, CA

I was experiencing headaches on a daily basis. I was going through 50 Excedrin tablets every two weeks, if not more. In addition to the headaches, I was in two past motorcycle accidents and healing from a broken ankle. Needless to say, I was ready and willing to commit to whatever it took in order to get some relief from the pain.

I was referred to Dr. Sabeti and she was appalled that my reflexes were not reacting at all during my initial exam. She said “It is time to wake up your nervous system!”

We began treatment after my x-rays were reviewed. I did not realize how much pain and discomfort I had been suppressing until Dr. Sabeti began treating me three times a week. Before I knew it my headaches were further and further apart, I no longer walk with a limp, and my back pain has diminished.

I can’t thank Dr. Sabeti enough for the outstanding progress she was able to achieve with me. I can’t thank her enough for being so dedicated and concerned with the quality of health for all of her patients!

Kelly O, Santa Ana, CA

Two years ago I discovered the benefits of having a great Chiropractor. Dr. Sabeti helped me over come a frozen left shoulder. Then, a year later, she fixed my frozen right shoulder. She would give me a spinal adjustment, then she would use her magic hands and apply the right amount of pressure to the right area of my back and shoulder. She would use massage therapy after each adjustment.

After seeing Dr. Sabeti, she cured my frozen shoulder problems and she has helped me have full use of both arms and shoulders, making my life easier to perform my daily activities.

Marie P, Mission Viejo, CA