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Headaches...Live Without Them!

     Does the coming Holiday season bring stress to your everyday life?  Headaches seem to be a common denominator associated with a hectic time in your work and personal life.  There are many different types of headaches (cephalgia).  The Better Health and Wellness Center can help you deal with these painful situations.

     Tension headaches often are caused by inflammation, nerve compression, and/or waste products caused by the muscles.  They usually are a constant pain and occur on both sides of the head.  These headaches can be caused by stress, lefestyle changs, tension, and anxiety.

     Migraine headaches are usually a throbbing pain on one side of the head.  They can be triggered by caffeine withdrawal, foods, or a hormonal imbalance caused by the menstrual period or even pregnancy.  Prescription drugs such as the triptan anti-migraine medications are often prescribed.  However, some people still do not get relief.  They want a complementary treatment program that combines chiropractic and/or acupuncture care with their medications for a more complete relief.  Physicians should always be advised if the patient is using an alternative form of pain management such as supplements or chiropractice care if the patient suffers from migraines.

     A pain management program for headaches is an alternative to using over-the-counter and prescription medications for some headache sufferers.   Chiropractic provides a natural method of healing, and it doesn't have the side effects of the prescription drugs.  For women who are pregnant, this is a serious consideration.

     How can Chiropractic help you?  At Better Health and Wellness Center, Dr. Sabeti and her staff can provide you with massage, physiotherapy, and spinal manipulation in order to relax the tissues and muscles.  Relaxation therapies and acupressure can be a part of the treatment program in addition to the use of supplements.  Studies have shown that a series of chiropractic treatments helped ease the discomfort of patients suffering from headaches as part of a treatment program.

     Another treatment program for easing the pain from headaches is acupuncture.  Dr. Ella Ashabi of the Better Health and Wellness Center can help offer relief with the use of fine needles placed a strategic pressure points.  If you have any questions about acupuncture, please call our office at 949-680-3377.

     Both Dr. Sabeti and Dr. Ashabi can also schedule in-home visits for chiropractic and acupuncture treatments.  Ben Gerami can also help you with you fitness and rehab needs.  Please see our coupons for further details.

     Have a HEALTHY and happy Holiday season...and don't forget the benefits of a soothing massage in order to ease away the stress and anxiety of your body.  ENJOY the Holidays!

                                             Yours for better health,

                                                     Dr. Fara Sabeti and Staff

                                                      Better Health and Wellness Center

                                                      22762 Aspan Street - Suite 205

                                                      Lake Forest, CA 92630

                                                      Phone:   949-680-3377


MAGNUM (The National Migraine Association) http://www.migraines.org

Schaefer, R.C. (DC and PhD), "Clinical Chiropractic: The Management of Pain and Disability: Upper Body Complaints," Chapter 5 -- Headaches.  www.chiro.org

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